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Earthbound Silver

Wavy Leaf Margin Dangle Earrings - Kingman Turquoise & High Shine

Wavy Leaf Margin Dangle Earrings - Kingman Turquoise & High Shine

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This pair of earrings was inspired by a tropical leaf with wavy leaf margins. The center vein of the leaf is represented by the negative space, which holds teardrop-shaped slices of Kingman Turquoise. These sterling silver earrings are sturdy and lightweight. The final piece has a high shine finish and patina to darken the shadows.

All components .925 Silver
Kingman Turquoise
Hand cut and forged sterling silver components
Length of entire earring, including earwire: 1.9” (just under 2”)
Width of earring (at widest point): 0.6”
Backside stamped with eb (maker’s mark) and .925 (indicating sterling silver)
Designed and handcrafted with love in Colorado

As with all items I create, this piece is handcrafted and hand finished from beginning to end. This means that there are going to be slight imperfections. I find this adds to the uniqueness and authenticity of each individual piece however this style is not for everyone. Please make note of this and purchase accordingly.
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