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I’m Emily, the metalsmith behind Earthbound Silver. I'm a self-taught silversmith who began working in the craft in 2017. My sterling silver work is inspired by flora and the diversity of texture and form found in the natural world. The name Earthbound Silver connects the materials I uses to their origin (mother nature) and also alludes to my love of plants and the soil that nourishes. The marriage between my fascination with scientific interpretation, plants and silversmithing has coalesced into my joy of making wearable art. Earthbound Silver is based out of my home studio, located in the rolling country hills of Central New York.

about the art

Following college and our move from the east coast to Colorado, I was fortunate to work at Denver Botanic Gardens professionally for over four years, interpreting the sciences for a public audience. It was during this chapter in my life that I became particularly fascinated with plants and their many forms. Flora has become my muse and whether it be through silversmithing or otherwise, I feel called to connect people with the natural world through storytelling and art.

I incorporate an observation-based technique to represent plants in sterling silver and I thread plant stories and meaning into the descriptions of the pieces I create. My favorite thing to make in silver are orchids. Orchids offer so much diversity in shape and form and I complement their elegant petals with gemstones in the center of the piece (which represents where the flower’s reproductive organs are). In general, I enjoy fabricating natural plant elements by using texture, organic form and set gemstones to create attainable and unique jewelry that’s rooted in nature. 


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