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Earthbound Silver

Faceted Labradorite Cuff

Faceted Labradorite Cuff

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This cuff features faceted Labradorite. When the Labradorite catches the light right, a rainbow sheen can be seen. This property is called labradorescence. The stone sits atop a sterling silver cuff. The cuff is 5.25”, with a 1” opening and can be stretched slightly to size. 

All components .925 Silver

Faceted Labradorite

Length of stone: 0.75”

Width of stone: 0.5”

Cuff measures 5.25” with a 1” opening 

One size fits most; you might measure your wrist before ordering

Underside stamped with eb (maker’s mark) and .925 (indicating sterling silver)

Designed and handcrafted with love

As with all items I create, this piece is handcrafted and hand finished from beginning to end. This means that there are going to be slight imperfections. I find this adds to the uniqueness and authenticity of each individual piece however this style is not for everyone. Please make note of this and purchase accordingly.

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