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Earthbound Silver

Green Kyanite Set of 3 Stacking Rings, Size 5.25

Green Kyanite Set of 3 Stacking Rings, Size 5.25

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Mix it up with this three piece stacking ring set, with two plain flat bands, and a third band with a piece of green Kyanite set upon it. The Kyanite stone has a pearly sheen and contains some black inclusions within it. With close inspection and the right lighting, you can spot little rainbows in the stone

All components .925 Silver
Green Kyanite
Length of stone setting: roughly 0.45”
Width of stone setting (at widest point): 0.3”
Size 5.25
Band is stamped with eb (maker’s mark) and .925 (indicating sterling silver)
Designed and handcrafted with love

As with all items I create, this piece is handcrafted and hand finished from beginning to end. This means that there are going to be slight imperfections. I find this adds to the uniqueness and authenticity of each individual piece however this style is not for everyone. Please make note of this and purchase accordingly.
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