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Earthbound Silver

Labradorite Moth Orchid Dangler Earrings

Labradorite Moth Orchid Dangler Earrings

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These orchid danglers are an original design inspired by my work interpreting science to the public, in this case about orchids. They are hand sawn and formed to resemble the presentation of an orchid on the stem, suspended and elegant. These orchids are reminiscent of those in the Phalaenopsis genus (i.e. Moth orchids). They feature labradorite stones in their center (essentially representing where the flower’s reproductive organs would be). The final piece has a high-shine finish.

All components .925 Silver
Hand cut and forged sterling silver orchid components
Length of entire earring: 2.5”
Length of only orchid: 1.5”
Designed and handcrafted with love

As with all items I create, this piece is handcrafted and hand finished from beginning to end. This means that there are going to be slight imperfections. I find this adds to the uniqueness and authenticity of each individual piece however this style is not for everyone. Please make note of this and purchase accordingly.

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